Top Tips to Take Pictures like A Pro

Who else doesn’t have a camera? If you don’t have a portable cam or a DSLR, you have a smartphone or tablet, right? With this stuff, you don’t care if you starve to death or stumble upon as long as you capture scenes. You take shots of unique areas you cross by, or of foods you are about to eat. You take selfie or group shots. You post it on Facebook, tweet it, and brag it. But, did you know that you can simply take pictures just like a pro? Yes, even amateur smartphone owners can create pictures that blow away the viewers. All you have to do is keep these tips and try it out.

1. Keep it clear and sharp. Avoid shooting in a hot or humid set up. Also, prevent flare-ups by taking a shot that won’t go against the light. These can make the photo filthy, hazy, or dim. You won’t be able give out a clear and fresh view. Did you find some of your smartphones shots blurred? This often happens with low light setting. Use a tripod or a monopod to stabilize the shutter.

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2. Consider the lighting. If you want to shoot outdoors, consider the weather condition and the time. Shoot in early morning or late day. This will give dramatic or intense effect on your photo. Go with the natural light because it has more quality and create depths.

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3. Mind your backgrounds. Striking photos have great backgrounds. These could be a landscape, glowing city, beaches, buildings, or beautiful houses. In doing this, you have to know where to put things in place. Let’s take, for instance, a photo at the beach. You have to look into various components: the sky, the sand, the water, and the person. Make sure that you see these things in your frame. You may shoot the person at a close range, then zoom out to capture the beach as a background. You may take the shot sideways, a bit lower to get more of sand’s view, or a bit high to capture the blue sky.

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4. Watch out for unwanted elements. Be careful when there are trees or bushes at the back. They usually appear as growing out of your or your subjects’ head.  With DSLR’s, you can actually shoot by simply focusing on the subjects and blurring the backgrounds. In smartphones, this is hard to achieve. So you just have to change venue or find the right angle.

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Not all of us can make a difference from the ordinary one.  But there are ways to take pictures just as an expert does.  Just follow these tips and see the difference.


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