The Perks of Having Two Confidants

Confidant – a person with whom one shares a secret or private matter, trusting them not to repeat it to others.                              ~ Oxford Dictionary

Like the definition states, a personal confidant is a person who has a “patient ear” and is willing to listen regardless of the topic. People say that you’ve already hit the jackpot when you found one but in my case, I’m blessed with two – my mother and my best friend.

We all have secrets, frustrations, and the tendency to keep them all to ourselves until we’re on the verge of explosion. And it’s always great to have someone who can lend you an ear whether it’s positive or negative news you are bearing.

Having Rona and my mom in facing every problem or feat makes me feel loved and accompanied. It’s like having two best friends always ready to listen to my stories and dramas no matter how trivial they may be. They’re like a sponge that’s willing to absorb all my problems and clear all my doubts. They listen without judgments or blame, respect my opinions, and offer their honest advice.

It’s often my mom whom I share most of the positive and negative things that happen to me. Since we live together, she’s the most accessible person compared to my best friend working in Dubai. She gets to know the latest stories and gives me unsolicited advice. My best friend, on the other hand, gets to hear the stories a little later because of our time zones. I also confess to her the things that I can’t tell my mother – because it’s mostly family problems. Since our schedules won’t meet, my stories for her come in bulk and her advice is often late so they will just end up as justifications for my actions.

Nevertheless, I believe that they’re both God sent to help me overcome the obstacles that come my way. Their mere existence always reminds me that I’m not alone in facing the ups and downs of this life.


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  1. iamrona says:

    i love you bhestie 🙂

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