Ten Things You Will Surely Find in a Girl’s Bag

A girl’s bag isn’t just an accessory hanging on her arm ─ it’s her entire life! Whether it’s big or small, satchel or hobo, cheap plastic or expensive leather, our bags contain almost everything we may need. That’s why we never panic in emergencies; we’re assured that the thing we need is in our bags….

Dress Code: The Right Gown for Your Shape and Skin Tone

When trying to find a dress based on your body shape, remember to accent your assets and soften your self-observed flaws. It will not only beautify you, you’ll feel fabulous, too. Following are the various body shapes and the right style of gown for you. Hourglass You already have the curves, now you need to show…

Smart Tips: The Best Hairdo for Your Face Shape

Whenever you go for a haircut, make sure your hairstylist knows your face shape. Why? So your stylist will know what kind of haircut will work best for you! Great hairstyles are about shape and geometry. It is all about putting the best frame around a person’s face to bring beauty to the overall view….

8 Must Have Items to Survive This Rainy Season with Style

The rainy season has officially started! The tanning sun and sweat-inducing weather is now over and with unpredictable downpours every now and then, it pays to be ready. Whether you’re at work or in school, having these 8 items will not only prevent you from getting sick, it will also keep you clean, dry, and…

2015 Wedding Trends: Top Ideas for Your Upcoming Big Day

If you’re planning your 2015 wedding, then you need to know about next year’s top wedding trends. From the flowers and color motifs to wedding dresses, here’s a roundup of everything you need to know so nothing is missing from your big day. Themes and Décor Informal and unconventional weddings are a big hit. The…