True Love versus One Billion Dollars: What Should I Choose?

True love or one billion dollars? If I were to choose one, I’d prefer true love for no amount of money could buy it.

I guess people would say I must be practical and pick the latter. I may never know what may happen in the future nor earn this money in my lifetime, but I still can’t trade it for greater things true love may bring.

Choosing true love also means being with the person who’ll stay committed to me whatever happens. This person will give time and effort to support my dreams and decisions, make long-term plans with me, and stay faithful despite temptations.

Aside from a partner, true love will also grant me a best friend and soul mate — someone whom I can share my secrets with and confide my problems. The physical passion may fade over time but the bond between the two of us will remain strong and last forever.

True love also means selflessness, which results in harmonious relationships. It’s all about giving and not expecting anything in return. I’ll have someone to prioritize above everyone else. A person I’ll support even if the outcome will sacrifice my wants and needs.

Happiness also comes from being with the person I truly love. It doesn’t always come with expenses. Simple things like eating together, taking strolls in the park, and watching movies at home can strengthen our bond and bring happiness without spending too much.

Despite the challenges and struggles that block our way, I’m certain that we can surpass and learn from it. We’ll improve and mature as one while guarding each other’s back. No problem seems insurmountable and we’ll be more than willing to face and deal with anything to stay together.

While some people may agree that true love weighs greater than one billion dollars, others will think otherwise. Do you belong to those who’ll choose money over love? Feel free to express your thoughts in the comments section below.


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