Early Bird vs. Night Owl: On Which Side Are You?

Photo credit: cdn.nintendonews.com

The “early birds versus night owls” debate has been present for quite a long time. We have lauded the early bird for centuries. After all, they “catch the worm” and are “healthy, wealthy, and wise.” Yet, recent studies reported that night owls are smarter than early risers. But many people still debate the results; they say night owls have a rather unhealthy lifestyle.

Personally, I’m an early riser (or so I think?). But I’ll set aside my bias for the sake of honest research.

Without further ado, let’s discover who really has it good: early birds or night owls.

In the bright corner: The Early Birds

– More proactive
– More sociable
– Healthier

– Lack energy
– Prone to procrastination
– Prone to burnout

In the dark corner: The Night Owls

– Smarter
– Possess more stamina (called “night strength”)
– Stay mentally alert for a longer time
– More creative and productive

– Prone to health problems (e.g., diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and stress)
– Emotionally unstable
– Sleep deprived
– At risk of depression because of the so-called “social jetlag”
– Struggle with non-work activities (e.g., grocery shopping)

So, who’s better?

Well, the question remains unanswered, as both night owls and early risers have their own strengths and flaws. The sole trick is to find your peak performance times. For early birds, look for a job that’ll require you to wake up early. Night owls, on the one hand, must benefit from their nocturnal efficiency by searching for a flexible business that can make them a happy, healthy night owl.

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  1. I’m a proud early bird 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kristine Joan M. Baldago says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts! 🙂


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