My House Is on Fire! What Shall I Save?

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What if my own house catches a fire (God forbid) and I have time to save only five items from it?

Below are the things I’d like to grab immediately:

  • Documents (identification cards, birth certificates, diplomas, and other certificates) – It’s good that we keep our personal records and other important documents in one plastic envelop.
  • Photo albums – Yes, saving these things seems so trivial—but for me these are irreplaceable. I want to recover my family’s memories (since these have no soft copies) and see them living on in the future.
  • Mattresses – These will comfort and make us safe in case we can’t find a temporary shelter. Further, we can use mattresses to shield us against extreme cold at night and insect bites. Through them, we can sleep wherever we want to stay as we seek refuge.
  • Money – With cash on hand, we can buy our basic needs such as foods and water, which can help us survive the day. Further, this allows us to afford going to places to find safer place or seek medical attention.
  • Clothes (inside a suitcase) – Pieces of clothing, apart from the ones we’re wearing when the fire broke out, are a big help to protect our bodies and survive daily living.


I know that these choices reflect my interest and priorities in life. Apparently, the items don’t include gadgets and appliances. As someone who values memories, safety, and security over material things, I think these items can help my family survive amid this big life’s challenge.

With adrenaline rush affecting my system during this unfortunate event, I can’t promise to grab all these things. Hence, I ensure putting these things in one place or near each other so I can carry them at once quickly.

What if you’re in a similar situation? Which items would you save? Share your thoughts in the comments section.


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  1. Josh Baker says:

    I like that you mention documents, which are so important to starting fresh if necessary. Some people recommend having copies of licenses, passports, insurance policies, etc. Also computer passwords and PIN numbers, and important phone numbers/emails, and addresses. They’re easy to forget.

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    1. Menard M. Duria says:

      Thanks for your comment, Josh! I’m happy that you agree with me on saving important personal documents (a priority) in case of fire. Yeah, these may also include licenses, passports, and insurance policies, as well as notes containing your passwords and PIN codes. I believe losing any of these documents wouldn’t just put you in trouble (and cause you anxiety) but could cost you so much tantamount to the effect of a fire. Stay safe there!


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