Nine Tricks That Will Maximize Your Small House

Whether you live in a studio-type apartment or just want to exploit the small space of your house, these tricks will surely solve your problem. 1) Favor foldable furniture. Instead of a queen-size bed, buy an inflatable air mattress or a couch that features a foldable bed inside. Try a table with leaves, too. You…

10 of the World’s Most Creative and Coolest Office Spaces

Are you tired of the usual office setup? Check out and be inspired with this list of the most creative and coolest offices all around the world. 1. Zynga This social game services provider Based in San Francisco, California, believes that petting dogs and relaxing arcade lounges should be part of every staff member’s day….

Ten Beautiful Schools in the World

Can beautiful campuses inspire you to study better? Of course, it can. The environment, location, and design of a campus are a cure after strenuous lectures. One factor that could push you to go to school is the structure. You can never hide the fact that you are among the students who look at the…

Eight Most Beautiful Catholic Churches in the World

A church is a place of worship or a house of God. This, perhaps, is the reason we see churches with stunning designs. With their artistic beauty, they also become world’s famous places to visit. Here’s a list of amazingly built Catholic churches across the world. These famous houses of worship will truly fascinate you….