My Idea of Perfect Spaces for Reading and Writing


Both reading and writing don’t just require fresh and peaceful mind for people to accomplish them. Environment is one vital factor that affects these human activities. Apparently, the atmosphere readers and writers prefer varies from one person to another. These preferences depend on one’s personality and changing moods.

Is there a “perfect” space for reading and writing? Yes! Some would say it’s the traditional library setting where silence envelopes the book shelves. Some might deviate from this norm—preferring a rooftop terrace in the heart of busy metropolis.

What if a genie appears and grants me a wish to build that perfect space? Well, I have these three conventional ideas:

  • Quiet room

Nothing beats the thought of staying alone inside your room—without any distraction. Make sure that you have all the necessary things to fulfill the tasks—study table, pen, books, computer, cellular phone, lampshade, and a glass of water. Indeed, it’s a perfect haven for introverts seeking solitude to have focus.

  • Under the tree

I’m fascinated with the sight of a person sitting under the shade of a big tree. Writing or reading beneath a tree on a sunny or windy day brings me a feeling of serenity and relaxation. Further, watching the beautiful, picturesque surrounding inspires me to think great stuff.

  • Farm/rice field

There’s magic inside a nipa hut! I can’t explain how natural light and wind coming in through open windows sounds pretty dreamy. Even without the dark wood furniture, white walls, and luxurious fixtures, I can imagine well while listening to chirping birds and seeing grassy land or aircrafts crossing the skies.

Wherever you find convenience, continue reading and writing to deepen your understanding and sharpen your skills. Let’s learn and share our knowledge.

Any comment on this blog post? Write it in the comments section. I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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