Homemade Food Gift Ideas to Try This Christmas

Do you want to give personalized gifts this Christmas? Try these budget-friendly and time-saving homemade food gift ideas.

1. Espresso-Flavored Sugar Cubes
Share your love for coffee with your loved ones! This easy to make, caffeine-spiked sugar cubes will surely add a kick to your hot mug of Christmas coffee or cocoa.

Espresso-Flavored Sugar Cubes in gift sacks
Photo © Romulo Yanes

2. Flavored Gourmet Salts
This variety of self-made gourmet salts is a quick and simple gift that any foodie will love. Shred old newspapers or book pages for cheap and eco-friendly packing materials.

flavored salts in a gift box
Photo © Jose Picayo

3. Calming Herbal Tea
Turn those boring homemade teabags into Christmas presents. Put the dried herbs into petite sacks cinched with thread and hand-stamped tags with cute messages inside.

Tea bags with stamped tags
Photo © Catherine Gratwicke

4. Tea Cookies
Using the basic recipe of tea cookie dough, you can create four different kinds of Christmas cookies that can satisfy various taste buds. (Roly Polys, Jam Thumbprints, Red-and-Whites, and Raspberry Bars)

Tea cookies in different gift boxes
Photo © Lara Robby/Studio D

5. Chocolate Bark
Indulge your sweet tooth with this easy to make treat. Using chocolate as your base ingredient, (you can use any kind you want) enhance its flavor by adding dried fruits and nuts.

Chocolate Bark with dried fruits and nuts as toppings
Photo © Charles Schiller

6. Simple Sugar Cookies
Level up sugar cookies by customizing them. Add a card to each pack with the recipient’s initial. You can add short messages or even share the recipe so they can make a batch too!

Wrapped simple sugar cookies with recipe
Photo © James Worrell

7. Homemade Jams
Rather than giving store-bought jams, your loved ones will surely appreciate the homemade ones. Using the online recipes to make the jam, pack them into cute glass bottles that can display or reuse once it’s empty.

Homemade jams in cute glass bottles
Photo © Ellen Silverman

8. Peppermint Sticks
Make simple peppermint sticks look and taste better by adding a personal touch. Dip each stick into melted white chocolate, and then roll them into your desired toppings. Once dried, you can put them into a gift box with holiday tissue paper.

Peppermint sticks with white chocolate and toppings
Photo © Frances Janisch

9. Paradise Macaroons
Satisfy your pastry cravings with this fusion of chocolate, coconut, and macadamia nuts. One bite of these island-inspired macaroons and you’ll think you’re in paradise!

Macaroons topped with chocolate and macadamia nuts
Photo © Alton Brown

10. Super-Chunky Christmas Cookies in a Jar
Layer all of the ingredients into an airtight jar and make a custom tag with the recipe so your friends can bake fresh cookies whenever their craving hits.

Cookie toppings layered into a jar
Photo © Levi Brown

They all look yummy, right? Keep in mind that presents don’t have to be expensive. Just like the old saying, “It’s the thought that counts!”



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