King Solomon: The Wisest (and Most Foolish) Man Who Ever Lived

If given the chance to meet one person from the past, I’d like to meet Solomon ─ the wisest and yet the most foolish man who ever lived. I want to ask him how it feels to be the smartest person on Earth and witness how he resolves issues and problems.

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Solomon, whose name means “peaceable,” was the second son of David and Bathsheba. Before David dies, he appointed Solomon, who was 12 at that time, to be the next king. Shortly after he became king, God appeared to his dream and asked him what he wants. Solomon asked for an understanding heart, wisdom and knowledge, and the gift to discern between good and evil. His request pleased God that He granted it, along with great power and wealth.

Solomon’s Achievements
Solomon and his men made the first temple on Mount Moriah (Jerusalem) for seven years. He built a majestic palace, too, along with roads, gardens, and government structures. After securing peace with his neighboring nations, he built up trade and became the richest king of his time.

His Strengths and Weaknesses
Solomon was an excellent poet, writer, and scientist. His skills in management and architecture turned Israel into the showplace of the Middle East. As a diplomat, he made alliances and deals that brought peace to his empire.

Yet, to please his curious mind, Solomon turned to worldly pleasures instead of the pursuit of God. He collected all kinds of treasures and surrounded himself with luxury. With the non-Jewish wives and concubines, he let lust rule him instead of God’s words. He taxed his subjects heavily, too, and put them into his army and into slave-like work to finish his buildings.

Life Lessons
Solomon’s sins speak loudly to us in our worldly culture. God hate it when we worship fame and wealth over Him. God is our first love; we should let nothing come before Him.

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