Five Skills My Child Should Possess

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Parents wish only the best for their children. No wonder why we often hear their hopes of seeing their kids growing toward becoming the best they could. Hence, parents strive hard to raise their children well—discipline them and give them quality education.

But success depends not only on character and training but also on one’s actions, which entail various types of skills to fulfill them. The thing is, innate talents and the skills acquired from inside the house aren’t enough to achieve success. What’s more, skills you obtained from school, job, and actual life experiences are vital factors that aid in reaching for it.

This reality makes me think of parents’ crucial role in the child’s development.

Hypothetically, if I have the power to give my child five skills that he/she could be great at, I’d give him/her the following:


1. Communication skills

I want my child to be great at expressing his/her thoughts—both verbal and written—using a global language. Of course, this one also includes good listening and public speaking to be able to have a smooth exchange of information.


2. Mechanical skills

The emergence of tools and machines is part of human’s modern living. Thus, it’s just practical that a person knows how to use hand tools to survive daily living.


3. Self-management

With our character largely dependent on our values and behavior, I want my son/daughter to follow high standards and have good ethics and principles. These will help him/her possess effective habits and strong sense of discipline toward anything.


4. Social skills

Interaction with other people leads to learning, broadens horizons, and improves one’s people skills. Hence, social skills might serve as my child’s keys to a healthy and happy life.


5. Critical thinking

With massive information available today and in the future, my son/daughter ought to have a great mind to grasp all of them and learn. With critical thinking ability, he/she could assess and analyze the information thus leading to a sound judgment and good communication.


I believe mastery of these five skills can help my child succeed at almost anything in life.

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