A Letter to My Younger Self

Dear younger me,

When your parents scold you and give you pieces of advice, don’t get angry. Don’t ever do that. Instead, listen to them. They are right most of the time.

Don’t cut your hair; you’ll regret it.

Pay attention to your Science and Math classes.

Don’t become too close to anyone. Don’t consider them your best friend or something like that. They will betray you someday. Giving them too much importance will mess up your own life.

Don’t compare yourself to your sisters, your classmates, or anyone. You’re beautiful in your own way.

Be careful with whom you share your problems. While some people don’t care, some are happy you have them.

Beware of your tongue; it might put you in trouble.

Don’t let emotions control you.

Never promise when you’re happy, decide when you’re sad, and reply when you’re angry. A decision without proper thinking can mess up your life. I’m not scaring you; it’s only better to think before you act instead of regretting later.

Never change yourself for other people. Let them hate you, despise you, shake you, and break you ─ but never change for them. You are you; be yourself.

Many challenges are waiting for you; be strong. You’ll be hurt, but you must understand it, feel it, accept it, and learn from it.

Don’t blame anyone for your mistakes. You’re the only one responsible for your choices and decisions.

This one is very important: You’re going to meet many cute guys over the years, but don’t let their dimples and sweet words fool you. Choose someone with brains and ambition.

Lastly, stay positive and cheerful. Your life won’t be easy. You’ll get hurt and will experience things that will mark your life, but you will make it, believe me. I’m just telling you this so you can prepare. If you’re ready for the storm, maybe your travel would be better than mine.

Older, experienced you



(Featured Image Source: l99.com)


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