“With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”

Photo source: weminoredinfilm.com
Photo source: weminoredinfilm.com

Does the title ring a bell?

While the origin of this adage remains a subject of debate nowadays, we all connect it with Spider-Man—the fictional hero with startling crime-fighting knacks.

Spider-Man’s fame makes this phrase sound so cliché but its thought is obviously true.

As I take it literally, I believe this adage applies to almost everything—from people, to families and politics. Yes, we can have the control over something and this power implies fulfilling our roles. These roles vary based on how much authority someone accepts and enjoys.

People—children, young adults, workers, breadwinners, and seniors—have roles in their lives. The role becomes bigger for someone who willingly provides the things when others become dependent.

As regards the family, parents have bigger roles as they have to take care of everyone and everything inside the home. When it comes to politics, elected officials are the supreme leaders holding tough tasks that involve their territory. While officials can rule while guarding their constituents’ welfare, they have also the duty to maintain the dignity of their office.

Like Spider-Man (but minus the costume and wall-crawling skills), we, human beings, have the strength and power to fulfill duties toward reaching our goals. It just takes determination to surpass the trials coming along in life. But realization of the situation may be the key to grasp the need for and undertake greater power to fulfill responsibilities. Further, your initiative can help bring and achieve the change you want.

Summing it up, big things you receive requires much from you. You possess the best things because you can do great deeds with them as your tools. Do your part as you have the potentials to lead and rule.

Share your thoughts on “with great power comes great responsibility.” I’d love to read them in the comments section.


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