A Plot of Earth: How Much Land Do I Need?

Photo source: shunkertown.com

If given a plot of land and the financial resources to do whatever I please, what would I do?

My initial idea is to get a small portion to build a decent house for my family. But I had a second thought—obtain a big part to help me build a school and a training center for local athletes.

While still pondering on my decision, I felt something strange as a familiar statement sprang up on my mind suddenly. I heard a whisper uttering the lines of the great Filipino statesman Raul Manglapus. “Give me land—land to own, land unbeholden to any tyrant, land that will be free. Give me land that my children may not die.”

Although this piece refers to the suffering of common people under cruel rulers, the statement somewhat inspired my response to the situation. Drawing inspiration from this statement, I’d rather have a shelter for underprivileged individuals seeking refuge. An underground shelter with futuristic features might help people survive catastrophes. Sounds weird (or even corny), right? That’s my hope: see the human race living peacefully—no conquerors, bullies, and conflicts. Plants, trees, schools, recreation centers, libraries, and museums would rise above the ground.

My choice of an underground shelter responds to the current dangerous phenomenon called “climate change.”

How much land is needed to fulfill this plan?

Not just a piece of land—but half of the world’s habitable land, excluding the places exposed to great hazards. I’d ask every government to work jointly and accomplish this impossible yet meaningful project.

With climate change currently affecting the environment, this plan might succeed in saving human life. Let’s shield ourselves against impending calamities so we don’t go extinct yet. An underground shelter could help prolong our existence in this world.

Suppose a genie gives you the same opportunity, what would you do? How can you take advantage of a plot or huge parcel of land? Write your thoughts in the comments section.


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