Six Bizarre Traits of an Average 24-Year-Old Girl

I don’t consider myself unique but my family and friends say I’m also far from being normal. I’ve listed six bizarre qualities they say about me here. Be the judge and let me know if I’m odd or if it’s ordinary to other people.

  1. I’m fascinated with Korean stuff. I can spend days reading articles and watching documentaries about them without losing interest. Sacrificing my typical eight hours of sleep just to finish an episode or two of my favorite Korean drama has become a habit.
  2. I’m not afraid to experiment different hairstyles. Sometimes I keep my curly hair long, straight, or just color it blonde, orange, or red. The latest is the super short pixie cut. It’s a spontaneous decision but my friends and family say that it matches my face shape and personality.
  3. I have an extreme case of forgetfulness for my age. I could barely remember the place where I left my keys, the last topic of conversation, or recent events. I forget when I started to be like this or why I have memory lapses.
  4. I welcome challenges and enjoy competitions. Most of my achievements resulted from my competitiveness and eagerness to win. From eating and cooking unfamiliar dishes to losing weight and telling stories about anything, I always do whatever it takes to stand out or succeed.
  5. I always search the lyrics of the songs that caught my attention. Whether American or Korean, the song’s meaning matters to me more than its chart ranking or singer.
  6. I can’t stop from singing or humming whenever I hear a familiar song. The songs on my playlist are varied enough to cover several years and genres. Therefore, you can assume that singing is my favorite pastime next to eating.

Does anyone relate to these things? Just leave a comment below and let’s have a little chitchat about our similarities.



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