My Past Rewritten: A Look Back at An Unfulfilled Ambition


Regrets and frustrations are a part of people’s lives. I myself hold disappointments, too—something that bothers me whenever I reminisce and frightens me whenever I look forward. With a time machine, I’d retell that childhood moment when I missed a rare opportunity.

This story happened when I was 8 years old. Representatives from a top local fast-food restaurant visited our school to find talents and eventually chose me to be their product endorser. They approached me and asked if I wanted to appear in a TV advertisement. Certainly, this enthused me and thought I’d grab it—but not until my grandfather entered the picture. My grandpa (my maternal grandma’s sibling), the teacher next to our classroom, talked to them and decided on my behalf. Sadly, he rejected the offer citing its possible negative effects of this opportunity to my studies. Left without other choices, I willingly accepted the decision and approved of it as final. I believed this was but for my sake. I relayed the story to my parents immediately upon reaching home. However, it seemed the news didn’t affect them whatever the outcome may have been.

Today, I can still vividly recall the excitement I had during the time. Frankly, many questions still linger and concern me.

What if I did grab the offer, become commercial model, and fulfilled my childhood ambition?

Could have this event helped transform and further my life?

Did my grandpa make the right decision?

Did I fail to discover my crafts and other potentials?

Do I have a different calling rather than exposing a talent via TV screens?

A great reason might be behind each expectation that didn’t transpire as expected—it may not the exerted effort that counts. Perhaps I am destined to something different allowing me to serve the purpose of my very existence. Perhaps a great opportunity awaits as I pursue with my life’s journey.

What’s your take about this blog? Which part of your childhood do you want to rewrite? Share your thoughts below.


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