Learning God’s Words at a Young Age

Kids these days appreciate more the latest songs, mobile games, and movies than Bible scriptures. They can recite the song’s lyrics and quote a line from a movie but knows nothing of God’s word. If given five minutes to talk about something to a group of young schoolchildren, I will share a short Bible story with them.

Worries and Dilemma
For many parents, creating spiritual habits in their kid’s life is only possible when their child is mature enough. What they don’t know is they need not wait for their child to turn 12 or 15 before they share God’s word with him/her. Even at their young age, a parent can share God’s word with their kids  through a colorful, well-illustrated Bible that brings stories to life. A kid is never too young to hear about creation, Jesus, God’s love, and the other beautiful Bible stories. You can also pick whatever story you want them to learn. Everything in the Bible teaches us who God is, what we are like, and the way God wants us to live.

One advantage of sharing God’s word with your children early is their innocence. If you tell them the sky is green, they’ll believe it. Hence, if you teach them to delight in God, they’ll learn to find their joy in the Lord. Capitalize on the early years of your kid’s life when they are open to the truths of the Bible. Likewise, children thirst discovery and learning that they can learn new Bible verses and songs with ease. They also love listening to stories ─ be it fairy tales, random facts, or Bible stories.

Final Words
Nurturing a noble child in an evil world may seem impossible to achieve. But remember, while the world may have changed, God’s word hasn’t. Righteous parenting is not only possible; it’s accessible to anyone willing to understand and follow God’s commands.

How about you, if you have five minutes to share something with a group of kids, what would it be? Share your thoughts below.


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