Reincarnation: A Personal Belief in This Modern-Day World


Reincarnation has always been a baffling subject of debate throughout modern human history. More than an issue of mystery surrounding the connection of life and death, this concept has divided the religious populations.

People living nowadays are so futuristic that we often set sight on what the future holds rather than think of where the past lives have been. Do you still contemplate about reincarnation? Do you believe in it?

Ask me and I’d say yes to both questions.

However, let me make this clear: my perspective doesn’t and may not reflect or represent that of my religion’s teachings. I am speaking of my personal views—not as an expert but as someone who also ponders at the mysteries of life. Up until now, I still wonder about souls—what happen to them after death? Will they return and relive the past through a new human body? Undeniably, other individuals have this quite inexplicable thought in mind.

Recently, I read the incredible stories of children that could vividly recount memories from their “supposed” past lives. I got goose bumps upon reading how they were able to talk about events and details from the past exactly the same way they happened or existed. I just find it very unbelievable how a 4- or 6-year-old child can speak of the things they haven’t encountered or experienced in real life. Their stories are but a proof of “recycled” life.

With all these stories—if not proof—of reincarnation, I only wish the modern technology will someday invent a mechanism or tool capable of preserving memories for future uses.

Also, let’s hope this so-called “rebirth” of soul—whether true or plain creative imagination—doesn’t harm the very existence of our “present” lives.

Do you accept the idea of reincarnation as true? Have you had experienced something that made you contemplate you used to be someone else? Share your thoughts with the other blog readers.


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