A Life in Exile: Surviving the Day with These Five Favorite Foods

If you’re being exiled to a private island and your captors will only supply you with five foods, what would you request?

I thought it would be easy to pick five foods I’d want from my captors. But then, I thought, am I free to move or am I locked up on the island? Are they providing me with prepared dishes or they are only giving me five raw materials to cook any way I choose? Am I exiled to an island with a kitchen or am I cooking in a salvaged tin can over a campfire that refuses to stay lit when it rains?

If my captors are offering me five ready-to-eat foods in a lock-up, then I’m ordering my favorites:

1) Adobo

Be it chicken, pork, or fish, no list of Filipino food would be complete without adobo! Personally, I love adobo because of its unique taste and aroma that make me drool. Trivia: Food experts said adobo is not only good for the mouth (yum yum!); they claimed that it also controls the cholesterol in our body because it contains folic acid!

2) Pork Sinigang

My all-time favorite! I remember when my Mother would cook this dish and use fresh leaves and raw fruits of batwan. Sourness overload!

 3) Laing

Yes, I’m a Bicolana. But even if not, this dried taro cooked in coconut milk would still join my list! Why not? Besides being delicious, cooking laing is so simple and would cost you little! Don’t forget the three pieces of chili!

 4) Rice

Though most Filipinos prefer alternate staples such as bread and noodles, rice is still the staple of choice for others. In my opinion, it has a subtle flavor on its own that complements the flavors of my favorite dishes. I love it too much that I can tell you to “Leave me and rice alone to start our new life together.”

5.) Pancit

Who doesn’t love this food? Inherited from our Chinese ancestors, pancit symbolizes long life and is always present on our tables on almost all occasion.

How about you? What five foods would you pick? I’d love to hear from you!

(Photo credits: Kawalingpinoy.com, Fairfaxinnrestaurant.com, Chefpinoyrecipes.com, Flickr.com, and Whengmanalo.wordpress.com)


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