Ten Things You Will Surely Find in a Girl’s Bag

A girl’s bag isn’t just an accessory hanging on her arm ─ it’s her entire life! Whether it’s big or small, satchel or hobo, cheap plastic or expensive leather, our bags contain almost everything we may need. That’s why we never panic in emergencies; we’re assured that the thing we need is in our bags.

However, we, girls, have different wants and needs, too, that dictate us what to put in our bags. I, for example, can’t leave the house without my eyeglass case and umbrella. Though I wear my eyeglass every time I’m outside, I store it in the case sometimes (e.g. when I take a nap inside a vehicle) to avoid breaking it. I always bring my umbrella, too, to “protect” myself from our country’s unpredictable weather.

If you want to know what we usually carry in our bags, then you’re in luck today, boy! Here are ten items you’re sure to find in every girl’s totes.

1. Mirror


Source: Ebay.co.uk

Yes, we always carry one. We put it in a secret compartment inside our bags.

2. Lipstick
From pinks, reds to nudes (that’s a lipstick tone by the way), you’ll find them all.

3. Hand Sanitizer
Hand SanitizerWe are sticklers for hygiene. Sanitizers protect us and anyone we meet and shake hands with from spreading the germs.

4. Hair Items

Hair Items
Source: Poiseandpurpose.com

Combs and hair ties/pins help us every time we find ourselves overheated and we need to pull back our hair.

5. Cellphone
We never go out without our phones. It’s our friend for life. We love it when it rings.

6. Safety Pins

Safety Pins
Source: Qatarday.com

I can still remember that day when I looked down and saw that, yep, my shirt is missing a button.

7. Tissues

Source: Ourdailybreadalbany.com

These things help when we spilled a drink, got a runny nose, or need to wipe our fingers.

8. Moisturizers/Creams/Lotions

Source: Goodhousekeeping.com

A girl without these in her bag doesn’t exist.

9. Perfume
We feel good when we smell good!

10. Sanitary Napkin

Source: www.medicalhealthtips.com
Source: Medicalhealthtips.com

There’s nothing worse than needing a sanitary napkin and not having one.

What are your must-have bag items? Comment below!



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