Opportunities in Disguise: The Benefits of Working near Your Home

Choosing between a job near home with less pay and long commute with a higher salary, most would choose the latter because they believe that the pay would compensate the travel.

Little they did know that the previous option has its own stunning advantages. Let’s enumerate them and reveal why choosing a work closer to home and earning less is better than longer commutes to the city for more money.

Better Health
According to studies, shorter commute may improve mental and physical health. Time magazine says long commutes can trigger long-term high blood pressure, poor posture, and back aches especially during rush hour. It can also cause anxiety, stress, depression, less sleep, and less time for exercise.

Better Quality of Life
Shorter commutes also mean longer time for family, friends, and hobbies. People who travel several miles often leaves before dawn and comes home late making it hard to find time to bond with family and friends. A study from Brown University showed that traveling for more than an hour typically had 6 percent less time to eat with their families. Statistics from MarketWatch also reveal that long commutes could increase the chances of separation and divorce by 40 percent.

Lower Costs
Long commutes can also be expensive. For those who are taking public transport, fares vary on the vehicle. While for drivers, costs include gas, parking, tolls, and repairs. Sometimes commuting expenses exceed the benefits of added pay so finding a lower-paying job closer to where you reside may improve your financial status.

Lower Crimes and Accidents
Traveling for a long time especially if you’re working on a night shift increases the risk for crimes and accidents. Horror stories about being nabbed, harassed, and harmed may not happen to all, but why bet on your life when you can choose to be safe and early at home.

Do you experience these benefits or want to add more? Let’s connect! Feel free to share them in the comments section below.


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