Are Dogs Really a Man’s Best Friend?


Can people befriend non-human beings?

We’ve all heard the story of Hachiko, a dog known for its remarkable loyalty after it awaited perseveringly its owner’s return even long after his death. Actually, the list of loyal dogs dates back to ancient Greek era and goes on these days. But we’ve also read stories of dogs posing danger to people and some victimizing them mercilessly.

So, are dogs really people’s best friends? Yes they are—for some—while others believe they aren’t.


My Story and Principle

I grew up without having to own and care for any pet—and this is but my parents’ choice—to protect our health perhaps. This came as ironic since my maternal grandparents once owned varieties of pets (dogs, cats, rabbits, and pigeons) and even farm animals. I can still vividly recall how a rabbit bit my sister’s finger and how my grandpa felt sad over the death of his favorite dog.

Just because our family lives without any pet at home doesn’t mean we’re not animal friendly. Yes, we’re not passionate and fond of furry creatures, but we stand against animal cruelty. I myself believe that all living creatures have the right to breathe and live—even those that traumatized humans.

I myself had a few bad experiences with dogs. Admittedly, I had this fear of being chased by a dog; so I ran whenever I saw one looking or barking at me. When I was attending primary school, five or six dogs chased me at different instances. One of these frightened me so much that I ran and dislocated my right knee, still bringing me pains whenever the fracture hurts these days (19 years later).

Despite my bad experiences with dogs, I still believe that they are special in many ways, recognizing them as man’s best friend. We witness how many pooches are smart enough for their abilities to defend their masters in case of danger. Also, they can easily connect with their master’s emotions.

What are your thoughts about our canine friends? Do you treat one as your most trusted friend? Share your story in the comments section.


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