Why Some Bisexual Men Stay in the Closet

Medical News Today 


With a diverse sample of 203 bisexual men, Columbia University researchers learned the reasons they prefer to stay in the closet. They recruited bisexual men from New York City through online sources and multiple venues using a targeted sampling approach. They conducted in-depth interviews with participants who haven’t disclosed their identity to their female sexual partners.

According to the study, a handful of bisexual men prefers to conceal their identity, although they’re sure of themselves, because they:

  • feared disclosure would elicit hostile emotional reactions from their family and female partners and adverse changes in relationships;
  • thought people held stigmatizing attitudes toward homosexuality;
  • experienced negative reactions to disclosure earlier;
  • wanted to maintain how people perceive them; and
  • supposed their culture or religion might reject them.

These findings justify why several bisexual men hide their identity and why they vary from homosexual men in disclosure. Likewise, results explain why a few of them report greater emotional distress than homosexual men do. In addition, the article suggests people should place greater attention on addressing the stigmatizing contexts that confront bisexual men and offer information on managing stigma. 


Pew Research Center established that only 28% of bisexuals said their family knows their same-sex behavior compared to 77% gay men and 71% lesbians. Figures were lesser among bisexual men. Only 12% expressed they were out to that point, compared to one-third of bisexual women who stated the same. Pew Research detailed the reason closeted bisexuals avoided coming out is they dislike other people accusing them of being indecisive or incapable of monogamy.

On the Topic

Many people don’t understand bisexuality. They often assume a person is straight, homosexual, or a liar. Along with this, many bisexuals complain they are similar to outcasts who don’t fit into the straight or gay world. They find it difficult to gain acceptance.

Thanks to this article because it helps stop the stigma around bisexuality. It even dispels the biggest bisexual stereotypes and documents a sexual identity often shrugged off as a “phase,” or a “gateway.” This research indicates no explanation exists why some are bisexual and that being one is not an illness that needs treatment. Instead, bisexuality is a portion of the human sexuality spectrum.

Vocabulary Words

  • Bisexual – sexually attracted to both men and women
  • Disclose – to make (something) known to the public
  • Stigma – a set of negative and often unfair beliefs that a society or group of people have about something
  • Homophobia – irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals
  • Profound – difficult to fathom or understand
  • In-depth – covering many or all important points of a subject
  • Dispel – to make (something, such as a belief, feeling, or idea) go away or end
  • Novel – new and different from what has been known before

Source: http://www.merriam-webster.com


Why Some Bisexual Men Stay in the Closet. (2016, June 10). Retrieved July 4, 2016, from Medical News Today Website: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/releases/310914.php


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