Worked Up (Warriors 96, Thunder 88): A Look Back at GSW’s Reign

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gsw v. okc
Warriors vs. Thunder (Photo source:


A Golden State Warriors fan himself, Adam Lauridsen shared his thoughts about the team’s incredible win during the do-or-die game exactly a month ago. He discussed the highlights of the team’s most crucial match against Oklahoma City Thunder. Further, he gave overviews on earlier games in the series.

Still thrilled with his favorite NBA team’s sweet victory, Adam analyzed what might have helped GS overcome a 3-1 deficit. In the blog, he looked back at the team’s shortcomings and efforts to recover after the losses. He described the group’s brilliance that made them the best in the Western Conference.

Adam reviewed some of the Warriors’ players’ contributions toward their big win. Among the players were Thompson, Livingston, Green, Bogut, Barnes, Iguodala, and point guard Curry, the previous season’s MVP.



On the blogger:

Call me biased because I’m also a fan of Golden State Warriors, but Adam is a great blogger. He picks the right words so readers can understand his views with ease. His use of basketball-specific terms proves he knows the game, making him a reliable source. While reading his blog, I sensed Adam’s high praises for GS and his excitement while writing it.

On the story/content:

Thumbs up to the blog’s title “Worked Up” as it sums up the content well. However, the blogger should not have included the teams’ score on it because he can replace it with a better phrase. To change it, I’d make it, “Worked Up: NBA Finals Title within Reach.” The write-up isn’t conversational in tone, yet acceptable since Adam just relayed a story he witnessed himself. From my point of view, I find one of his statements moving and a guide in real-life situations. This might inspire you, too: “The Warriors had taken us to the cliff edge of doubt, just so they could save us as we lost our grip on hope.”

On the technical side:

Adam has good command of the English language. He used simple words to make his write-up readable and comprehensible. SEO wise, the content may not drive enough web traffic because it has no inbound or outbound link.


Definition of Terms

In his blog, Adam mentions words and phrases that readers may find hard to define. To help readers grasp the blog and its message, I noted below the meanings to some terms.

worked up – upset or very excited about something

in retrospect – in considering the past or a past event

democratize – to make (a country or organization) more democratic; to make (something) available to all people; to make it possible for all people to understand (something)

raucous – loud, excited, and not controlled, esp. in an unpleasant way




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  1. On the positive outlook the fact that GSW lost in the finals increases the chances of getting Durant. A player like Durant wouldn’t want to go to a team that had the best record ever and won the title. Anything he would do in Golden State wouldn’t be as good.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Menard M. Duria says:

      Thanks for your comment. I agree with your thoughts about the possibility of Durant playing for GSW. We’ll see what happens next season.

      Liked by 1 person

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