How to Take Action Every Day: 5 Powerful Habits

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powerful habits to succeed


Blogger Henrik Edberg lists five ways to help other people achieve great results in life every day. The points he mentioned in the blog may look trivial but doing them can help anyone appreciate his existence as a human being. He stressed the power of consistency and time management skills to mold life-changing habits. As expected, these habits lead to success.

Through his online entry, Henrik pointed out five basic actions that serve as a reminder for us to develop desirable habits. However, he clarified that this blog isn’t a guide to perfection. He suggested five simple habits:

  • Focus on the course of any action because it boosts energy without fear of any pressure.
  • Remind yourself of your purpose, so you’ll learn beforehand what you must prioritize.
  • Do what makes you feel good, not what hurts you.
  • Work first on the simple or even the simplest tasks if you’re overwhelmed with the big ones. This habit, the blogger says, is better than procrastination and inaction.
  • Reward yourself for a job well done or tell someone about your daily accomplishments.




Henrik is a great writer. He uses simple words making his write-up readable and coherent. In addition, he talks in a conversational tone, an effective approach that allows easy understanding. His blog compels readers to agree with his thoughts despite the absence of data to support his statements. As someone who always does things, I will use Henrik’s blog as guide.


Speaking from experience, I agree with the things Henrik discussed in his online journal. Too many glue words, however, affect its readability. On a positive note, I like his choice of a Leonardo da Vinci quote at the start of his blog. It speaks of people’s actions that make them successful.

Technical side:

I spotted a few minor errors making his statements confusing. But the mistakes are understandable because Henrik lives in Sweden (and he could be Swedish), where English is not the native language. In particular, he missed words (or could be typo) making his sentences senseless or vague. I copied them here:

  • One of the biggest and most common problems with improving your life or the success you want out of is that you may not take consistent action over a longer time period.
  • When you disappoint yourself and don’t think and do as you really deep down want to you hurt yourself by lowering your self-esteem.
  • Take smaller steps on the days when the big ones seem to daunting.


Vocabulary Words

In his blog, Henrik used words that readers may find hard to define. To grasp the blog’s story and message, I noted below their meanings based on their usage in the blog.


Definition of Terms

daunting – tending to make people afraid or less confident; very difficult to do or deal with

procrastinate – to put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness; to postpone or delay needlessly

nudge – to push someone or something gently, sometimes to get someone’s attention

dent – a noticeable effect, especially of reduction




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