The 8-Week Transition Diet

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Consistent with the goals of the company he serves, Steve Edwards (a firm’s Vice-President for Fitness and Nutrition), blogs about an 8-week transition diet.

With the aim to help readers pursue a healthy diet plan, Steve shares what health buffs must do in eight weeks. He highlights the most important thing to do in each week to become a healthier eater. He cites the parts as well where dieters must focus on and the number of cheat days per week.

What Steve recommends you to do every week

  • Drink enough water and ditch junk foods
  • Keep a balanced meal, choose the “right” carbs, and avoid eating a few hours before you sleep at night
  • Consume enough protein
  • Prepare the meals yourself, so you can have access to those “healthy” fats
  • Avoid or at least reduce intake of starches and processed sugar
  • Forget processed foods and befriend seeds and nuts
  • Learn to eat based on your body needs; try protein shakes to cure sleepless nights
  • Monitor how your body reacts to the diet plan, and do something when your body runs out of blood sugar

Steve suggests having two cheat days for the first two weeks and only one cheat day from the third until the eighth week.



On the blogger: Although he writes for the blog section of a corporate website, Steve is a great blogger. His experience in testing various diet programs has helped him master nutrition and fitness. He shared his profound views on issues that often seem confusing. The way he writes the blog is compelling that readers could agree healthy eating has no secrets.

On the content: As a health-conscious person who relies on online data or consult web-based information, I may use Steve’s blog as a guide. Using industry-specific yet easy-to-understand words reflects his expertise of the topic. The only issue I must raise is his failure to define transition diet, the main topic of his write-up. “Transition” and “diet” are understandable by themselves. When combined, though, they form a phrase that may be vague to a few readers.

On the technical side: Steve has good command of the English language. He tries to use simple words to make his write-up readable and comprehensible. SEO wise, the content may not drive enough on-site traffic as it contains only one inbound link.



Through his written blog, Steve mentions words or phrases that readers may hardly define without a dictionary. To help readers grasp the blog’s story and message, I noted below the meanings of a few terms.

Nutrition diet (or transition diet) – the shift in the dietary consumption and energy expenditure that coincides with economic, demographic, and epidemiologic changes

Slack off – to taper off; to reduce gradually; [for someone] to become lazy or inefficient; lacking in activity; not busy

Pang – a sudden, strong feeling of physical or emotional pain

Lethargic – feeling a lack of energy or having a lack of interest in doing things

Decadent – being in a state of decline or decay; marked by or offering unrestrained gratification; self-indulgent.




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