Ten Reasons Why You Should Travel to the Philippines


Blog from http://www.justonewayticket.com/2012/12/05/why-you-should-travel-philippines/



Sabrina “Sab” Iovino is a travel blogger open in saying she loves the Philippines and the Filipino people. Hoping to convince other travelers, she enumerates 10 good reasons to visit the “Pearl of the Orient Seas.”

For Sab, what make the country incomparable to other nations are its people, nature (both flora and fauna), beaches and islands, climate, food, and language. Further, she likes the largest shopping malls in the metropolis, low-priced alcoholic drinks, and colorful jeepneys. Last, she finds the country relaxing, where she can pamper her body with massages. She says spas and massage places are everywhere.



On the blogger: Call me biased because I’m a Filipino and Sab speaks of her love for the Philippines, but she’s a great blogger. She not only shares her experiences, but she even tells a handful of trivia about the country and other stuffs. Yes, she researches, too, before feeding her readers’ minds. With using the pronouns “I” and “you,” Sab conveys her thoughts in an easy to understand way. Another thing I appreciate is her honesty (and tactlessness?), which helps readers grasp the same emotion she senses.

On the content: As a Filipino, I agree with what Sab said about the country and the local culture. Her blog is a mix of opinions and facts, making it a good material. In addition, her online entries have visual contents that help curious readers understand her with ease. I’m amazed to know she took the photos herself! On the negative side, I disapprove of Sab’s preference for drinking alcohol. Cultural differences may affect our values, but I prefer that bloggers not discuss drinking or smoking to set a good example to young readers. SEO wise, the blog would drive high on-site traffic because it has links to the site’s other pages.

On the technical side: Sab, a German-Italian, has good command of English. While Americans are often not particular in making the subject and verb agree, Sab does it perfect. The only (minor) issue I see is the blog’s title. The phrase “reasons why” sounds redundant, so I suggest a simpler headline for her blog: “Ten Reasons for You to Travel to the Philippines”.


Definition of Terms

In her blog, Sab mentions words or phrases that readers may hardly define without a dictionary. To help readers grasp the blog and its message, I noted below the meanings of four terms.

Walking wallet – a spouse or significant other whose only role is to give financial support. This term is the antithesis of gold-digger.

Pristine – in perfect condition: completely clean, fresh, neat, etc.; not changed by people: left in its natural state

Flora and fauna – are a place’s plants and animals

  • Flora – the plants of a particular region or period listed by species and considered as a whole.
  • Fauna – the animals of a given region or period considered as a whole.

Global warming – the observed and projected increases in the average temperature of Earth’s atmosphere and oceans.









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