Why You Need To Travel Alone Now

Why You Need To Travel Alone Now

Blog from http://www.huffingtonpost.com/david-puzzo/why-you-need-to-travel-al_b_9818088.html?



In this blog, David Puzzo, a New York traveler and blogger, shares his experiences and escapades as a tourist. As he said, his travels are exciting because he gets to do his passion by himself. Yes, at a young age (a “millennial” as what he claims) he has gone to different Asian spots solo! And he wants to travel with no one by his side, walking on a foreign land.

Writing his exciting experiences, David wants to convince other people (those in their 20s) to follow his lead. He wants other Americans to yearn to see places abroad and encourages them to step out of their comfort zone and go on adventures. With no fear or concern for safety, he believes anyone can do what he does.

David has traveled to Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Curious of local cultures, he mingled with natives and fellow travelers. His interaction with foreigners made him understand cultural differences better. Thus, his online journal shares the lessons he learned from his travels. These include seeing the world in different settings, becoming more tolerant of foreign cultures, and learning life skills.



Blogger: David is a great blogger. He talks in a conversational tone and uses easy-to-understand words and the first-person point of view.

Story/content: Readers can follow David’s story as he presents his ideas in order, but he stretches a few sentences, which make them less readable for others. I like his choice of a relevant Mark Twain’s quote towards the end of his blog. It speaks of grabbing precious opportunities while still young than to regret later for not taking or trying them.

Technical aspects: I spotted a single error on David’s blog. In particular, I noticed how he used the word “then”. This minor error is reasonable because people often confused “than” with “then” and vice versa. Likewise, David’s catchy title may urge readers to do what he wishes them to do—to travel alone.


Vocabulary Words

In the blog, David used words that a few readers may find hard to define. These include:

  • jet-setting
  • plethora
  • millennial
  • complacent

To grasp the blog’s story and message, I noted below their meanings.



jet set – an international social set made up of wealthy people who travel from one fashionable place to another

jet-setting – fashionable, rich, sophisticated, trendy

plethora – a large amount or number; an amount much greater than necessary

millennial – a person born in the 1980s or 1990s in the United States; a member of Generation Y

complacent – satisfied with how things are and not wanting to change them








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