Twelve Most Well-Loved Snacks of the ’90s

Let’s have a snack-filled throwback Friday!

1. Iced Gem

Admit it, we usually eat the biscuit first and save the “icing” afterwards for more munching!

2. Butter Coconut
We usually prefer a cracker or biscuit with spread, but Nissin’s butter coconut biscuits are the exemption to this rule.

3. Snacku

Even as kids, we knew this snack wasn’t even made of veggies. At the same time, it didn’t matter either as we enjoyed the MSG-laden sticks.

4. Yan Yan

This one snack was rarely shared during recess. Once a Yan Yan was passed around, not even one smudge of the strawberry or chocolate cream would be left.

5. Curly Tops

Back when imported chocolates were not that available in grocery stores, Ricoa’s Curly Tops were kicking it!

6. Ice Scramble

During the years when pearly shakes were still unknown, iskrambol was a total summer delight. The classic one was made from shaved ice sprinkled with chocolate syrup and milk powder.

7. Pompoms

With a bowl of Pompoms on one hand and a thirst-quenching ice tubig on the other, one could easily get a satisfying childhood merienda.

8. Choc Nut

An all-time Pinoy favorite, Choc Nut is not your usual, sticky chocolate bar. Made from a delicious mixture of crushed peanuts, cocoa powder, milk, and cane sugar, Choc Nut also brings with it a nostalgic sweetness of our childhood years.

9. Captain Sid’s Butong Pakwan

As a child, we loved sucking those black watermelon seeds before breaking them into two. Its “alat” factor made the patience required to eat seeds even more worthy.

10. Mik Mik

One of the most popular sweetened milk powdered snack we would least find today. Using a straw, you will sip the sweetened powder milk or chocolate. What’s enjoyable doing this is the fact that the sweetened powder chocolate or milk makes you cough when you sip it rapidly.

11. Gold Coins Chocolate

Truth be told, we e once played with them because of the shiny aluminum cover foil shaped into circle that has a classy look. On our mind, “Hey yow, I’m rich! I’ve got gold coins on my hand.”

12. Stick-O

Do you remember the time when you bought those chocolate wafer sticks, put it in a supot (plastic), and munch it down while heading home? There were also times when we act like we’re smoking using the Stick-O and then blow as hard as we could as if there’ll be a smoke coming out through our mouth!

How about you? What’s your favorite snack way back then? Have your say in the comment section!

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