Throwback: The Most Loved Toys from the 90s

Born in mid-80s, I consider myself a “batang 90s” for this is the decade when I became aware of the things around me. Also, this is the stage when I became physically active—I was a restless child, they say.

I have lots of great memories of 1990s, which I can still vividly recall today. One of the best things that remind me of my childhood years is the collection of toys that 90’s children, including myself, played.

Let’s look back at the time when tablets, smartphones, and online games are just products of creative imagination.

Aside from many street games, there are memorable toys that kept us all busy as toddlers and elementary students—when we weren’t watching cartoons.

toy revolver
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Toy revolver – Almost every young boy got the chance to play this one—shooting with their friends and a sort of role-playing (playing dead when “shot”). There were no bullets—just “cheap” gunpowder, which is not deadly.

 water gun
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Water gun – This is an alternative for those who want a less “violent” battlefield.

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“Unusual” lego – These small pieces are often called poor man’s lego. The most common pattern was airplane.

 rainbow spring
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Plastic rainbow magic spring – A simple toy that amazes viewers, especially kids.

 plastic balloon
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Plastic balloon – A cheap sticky stuff that forms a balloon when put at the tip of a small plastic stick and blown at the other tip. The challenging part is to make the balloon the biggest it could get.

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Brick game – An addicting game that featured various brick games of up to 99 levels. Remember snakes and mazes?

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Tamagotchi – This handy toy is perhaps the most innovative one after the age of Nintendo. It features exciting games.

 plastic propeller
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Plastic propeller (elisi) – The one that is also the easiest to play. You just have to place it in between your rubbing palms to make it fly.

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Yoyo – Branded and glowing yoyos are a hit in the 90s.

Photo credit:

Top (trumpo) – 90s kids put thumb tacks onto this toy not just as decoration but as shield against opponents.

 troll doll
Photo credit:

Troll doll – 90s children once owned pens with this collectible at the tip.

 teks cards
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Teks – Small cards that come before “pogs.” All famous movies and cartoons at the time were depicted in these cards.

 aroma beads-kisses
Photo credit:

Aroma beads (kisses) – Young girls keep these scented pieces inside cottons (with rubbing alcohol) with a belief that they multiple over time. For 90s kids, this remains an unsolved mystery.

Which toys from the 90s do you missed the most and that you want to play again nowadays? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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