Media Noche Foods That Will Bring You Luck and Success in 2016

For most of us, the first day of January offers an opportunity to forget the past and make a fresh start. But instead of leaving everything up to luck, why not enjoy a meal to upturn your good fortune? There are varieties of foods that are believed to bring luck and boost the chances that next year will be a great one. Here they are:


For Filipinos, when you eat kakanin such as biko, suman, sapin-sapin, and pichi-pichi in New Year, good fortune will stick and your family’s bond will strengthen the whole year!


Round-shaped fruits

Though the number of pieces differs by region, eating any round fruit is a common New Year’s custom. Their shape, which looks like a coin, and their saccharinity are the common denominators.



Eating pancit denotes long life and good health to the eater, according to New Year’s customs in the Philippines.


Ring-shaped cakes and donuts

Ring-shaped cakes and donuts symbolize not only carby lusciousness but also the year coming full circle.



Greens are said to resemble paper money. Everything from spinach to cabbage to your kale salad mix applies here.


Legumes including peas, lentils, and beans are also symbolic of money like greens. Their small, seedlike look resembles coins that swell when cooked.



Did you now that many people consider pork to be the most auspicious of all foods to eat on New Year’s Day? It’s because pigs are rotund, which embodies prosperity and they “root forward” with their nose, which is thought to symbolize progress.


Roasted whole fish

Do you want prosperity for next year? Then roast and serve a whole fish on your table! Fish are lucky in three ways: they travel in schools (symbolizing abundance), their scales resemble coins, and they swim forward (which represents progress). Just make sure not to turn it over when it’s served because flipping the fish is said to imply a travel accident!

Do you know other food that symbolizes success and abundance for New Year? Share your ideas!

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