Filipino Superstitions: Do’s and Don’ts on New Year’s Eve and Day

Filipinos are generally superstitious. Even in this day and age, many of us still observe various traditions for different occasions. And as the New Year comes, here are the do’s and don’ts to attract good vibes this coming year.


Elders believe and abide the following traditions on New Year’s Eve and Day to attract luck, prosperity, and good health for the coming year.

  1. Keep the canisters of rice, sugar, salt, flour, etc. full.
  1. Make as much noise as you can to scare away evil spirits.
  1. Keep all of the lights in your house on to herald a brighter future.
  1. Keep the windows, doors, cabinets, and drawers of your house open before the clock strike 12.
  1. Pay all your debts and fill your wallet with new or crisp money to make sure that your pockets are full for the coming year.
  1. Prepare 12 round fruits to make each month of the coming year prosperous.
  1. Kids must jump 12 times at midnight to increase their height.
  1. Wear polka-dots or colorful outfit to attract more luck, good vibes, and money next year.
  1. Serve something sticky and long for dinner. Sticky food makes for a close-knit family while the “long” food such as pasta or stir fried noodles is for long and healthy life.
  1. Fill your pocket with coins and a rosary and make some noise by shaking it as the clock hits midnight. The coins will breed more money and the rosary will guide you throughout the New Year’s challenges.


On the other hand, elders often tell us to avoid doing these things to avoid bad luck and suffering for the coming year.

  1. Don’t clean the house on the first day of the year for you will sweep up that fortune that came in during the New Year’s Eve.
  1. Don’t borrow and spend money for you will be indebted and shell out money for the entire year.
  1. Don’t serve fish or chicken for they are related to the scarcity of food.

Do you follow any of these superstitions or want to add more to this list? You can share your beliefs and experiences at the comments sections below.


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