Ten Classic New Year’s Resolutions We Tend To Break

New Year’s resolutions are goals we set for ourselves on the first day of January, typically something to improve ourselves through the year. But for all the good intents, only a tiny fraction of us keeps our resolutions.

Check out the following typical goals and know why the majority of us find it difficult to keep them.

1. Drop some weight.
Weight loss is a total classic. It’s the most common one counting for about 25% of all New Year resolutions. However, our grit usually lasts just a few weeks and we soon get back to our unhealthy routine.

2. Eat healthier.
The diet starts in January. It goes well. But when you’re short on time and looking for a quick and easy meal, it’s much cooler just to go to the nearest fast food restaurant, am I right?

3. Keep fit.
Often, working out is involved in the weight loss but there are people who don’t actually need to lose weight but just need some physical exercise to get in shape. The result, however, is pretty much the same. Based on some studies, most of the new gym permanent passes go idly by as soon as February.

4. Learn something new.
Wanting to learn to play the guitar, learning Nihongo or learning to cook like Boy Logro are just a few of the cases here. As you get older, we’re more resilient to change, so learning a new skill becomes too hard for most of us.

5. Pay all debts.
Paying off debts is a standard resolution that many have toiled doing. Keeping this resolution often requires a major drop off of people’s comfort and conventional habits, which is something many people don’t want to give up.

6. Quit smoking.
We all know that there is nothing benign about smoking. So why on Earth do so many people smoke? Though many of them realize all these snags and want to quit, only about 10% of them will keep it for at least 6 months.

7. Quit drinking.
There is a large amount of people who make a New Year resolution to stop or, at least, lessen their alcohol intake. However, just like smoking, alcohol craving often grows into an addiction, which is hard to get rid of.

8. Save money.
Improving finances is a resolution that about 14% of people make every year. But if you take steps to cut your expenses, it will help you triumph with this resolution.

9. Spend more time with family.
Being with your loved ones is part of keeping a good work-life balance and maintaining stress levels low. Keeping those you love near and making time for your family can still be an essential ongoing aim.

10. Travel.
Traveling is the one resolution that we should all be eyeing to stick to. If you haven’t seen at least one of the “Seven Wonders of the World,” then it could be the best goal for 2016.

(Source of Featured Image: Postconsumers.com)


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