Top 10 Most Mouth-Watering Delicacies of the Season

Plenty of lip-smacking delicacies prime in every household during Christmas. Check out our top ten classic dishes!

1. HamHam is among the core dishes that graces the Noche Buena of almost every Filipino household. Usual ham is savory and tender while the customary holiday ham in the Philippines has a distinct, sweet flavor.

2. CalderetaCaldereta is one of the classic meals in the Philippines. It’s a stew cooked with chevon (goat meat), beef, or pork with carrots, potatoes, liver spread, and tomato sauce. Serve it this season to give a surprising kick to an everyday pick!

3. Macaroni Salad

You cannot mention Christmas revels without bringing the macaroni salad to the table! It’s a must for any Noche Buena feast since it matches any main course.

4. Lengua Estofado

This is another popular dish of Spanish influence served during special events. You can indulge in its savory taste as the tender meat mixes well with its rich sauce. Hmm…Yummy!

5. Pork Barbeque

When you grill meats over hot coals, it’s usually a perfect food for a get-together. Be creative this season! Insert veggies or fruits in between the meat pieces to give the color, taste, and texture much more variety.

6. Kakanin

Kakanin refers to a wide sort of sweet rice treats that also come in a range of hues and flavors. From puto bumbong and bibingka to the everyday suman and kutsinta, we never tire of our sticky sweet goodies!

7. Queso de Bola

Many Filipinos love queso de bola because of its buttery and creamy aftertaste. It’s also a perfect ingredient for several desserts or dishes.

8. Lechon
The perfect combo of tenderness and crispiness coated with signature sarsa… Hmm… I can’t take it. Lechon is indeed the star of every family’s Noche Buena!

9. Buko Pandan
This is a popular and favorite Filipino dessert made with shredded coconut meat as its basic ingredient. It is mixed with slices of pandan jelly, sweetened milk, and flavored with pandan extracts.

10. Spaghetti
As compared to tangy Italian red sauces, Filipino-style spaghetti is heavy on the sugar. The presence of bright red hot dog bits and cheese is also required. It may sound eerie to some, but it works.

Christmas is the best time to hold a reunion with relatives and get-together with friends. If you want to have an extraordinary handaan, celebrate it Filipino-style. Maligayang Pasko!

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