Dress Code: The Right Gown for Your Shape and Skin Tone

When trying to find a dress based on your body shape, remember to accent your assets and soften your self-observed flaws. It will not only beautify you, you’ll feel fabulous, too. Following are the various body shapes and the right style of gown for you.

You already have the curves, now you need to show them off. Seek for clingy mermaids that will enhance your sexy figure. Stay away from tiers and ruffles.

A corseted dress with linings will redefine your shape. Try also the A-line and tea-length styles to show off your curvy ankles.

Go for a bateau neckline or off the shoulder styles to draw the eye across and help balance out a full bust line. A defined waistline is needed for your shape.

You need to add some curves! Prefer gowns with added volume on the hips and chest to help create the illusion of an hourglass figure.

Create an elongated look with an empire-waist style that draws the eye up. Avoid voluminous gowns that can beat your small structure.

An A-line gown is perfect for your pear-shaped body. Try garbs with style and textural details up top to proportion your body.

Color of gowns suited to your skin tone
Did you know that picking the right color of dress for your skin tone is as crucial as choosing the right shape? You may have fallen in love with a certain silhouette, but the wrong color can sweep you out in seconds! Read on to know the color of gown that suits your complexion.

  • For Light Skinned
    Light skin tones are beautiful with pastels and neutrals such as mint greens, light pinks, and buttery yellows. Avoid strong colors like orange.
  • For Medium Skinned
    If you are medium skinned, go with muted and rich colors with gold undertones.
  • For Dark Skinned
    Ladies with darker skin look beautiful in rich shades and bright hues. Try tangerine, cobalt, light yellow, and red.

Do you have other tips to find the best gown style for different body shapes and skin tones? Share it with us!


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