Byaheng Supremo: 8 Best Places to Visit on Bonifacio Day

Planning for a road trip on November 30? Why not visit the following prominent sights to honor the heroism of The Great Plebian?

1. Bonifacio Monument

National Artist Guillermo Tolentino designed this to honor Andres Bonifacio, the founder and Supremo of the Katipunan. The shrine is on a junction in Grace Park, Caloocan.

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2. Bonifacio Trial House

This served as a venue for the trial of the brothers Andres and Procopio in 1897 due to felony treason.

The first floor of the Trial House unveils the pictures and text about Bonifacio and the various kinds of KKK flags. At the second floor, you will find:

  • Photos of the supposed dug-up skulls of Andres and Procopio;
  • Sculptures showing Bonifacio and his contemporaries in an argument;
  • Copies of handwritten letters by Bonifacio; and
  • Bonifacio-inspired paintings by young artists.
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3. Bonifacio Shrine and Eco-tourism Park

Located at Mt. Nagpatong, Maragondong, Cavite, this is where Andres and Procopio died. The shrine accents relief sculptures made of bronze, signifying the words “KKK” and “Bayani”. The park has an ongoing clubhouse, two swimming pools, picnic ground and a vast camping space for tourists.

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4. Casa Hacienda De Naic (now Naic Elementary School)

This house was witness to two events related to Bonifacio:
1. Creation of “Naic Military Agreement” led by Bonifacio; and
2. Arrest of Bonifacio and his brother Procopio.

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5. Katipunan Museum

Katipunan Museum is the sole gallery built to display the contributions of KKK.

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6. Pamitinan Caves

Pamitinan Caves, found at Rodriguez, Rizal, is where the secret initiation rites of the Katipunan was held and where the members carved “Viva la Independencia!” on the walls.

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7. Pinagbarilan Shrine

This memorial is at Limbon, Indang, Cavite. Here, Agapito Bonzon shot Bonifacio using a revolver while Ignacio Pawa stabbed the Supremo on the right side of the neck.

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8. Pinaglabanan Shrine

This shrine, set near the San Juan City Hall, evokes the dawn of August 30, 1896. It was when Spanish soldiers crushed Bonifacio and his army of poorly armed Katipuneros after attacking the powder depot in San Juan.

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Do you know other places linked to Bonifacio’s valor? Please share in the comments section!


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