10-Point Checklist: Top Concerns During Apartment Hunting

Are you looking for an apartment? Check out this list of factors you should consider so you’ll end up satisfied in your new home.

1) Affordability
Do a little math and estimate how much you can pay for a rent given your income and expenses. Most experts recommend spending only 25-30% of your salary on housing.

2) Atmosphere
Make sure the surrounding is a good fit for your personality and your work habits.

3) Cost of living
The cost of living differs from place to place, and it’s something to keep in mind when moving to a new area. Use a cost-of-living calculator to figure out how far your wage will take you in a specific area.

4) Location
You will live in this new flat for a while, so study the place. Will you have an easy access to a highway? Is it close to work and grocery store? How about the neighborhood, is it safe?

5) Parking
Ask if parking is included. How much for a parking spot? How many cars are allowed per apartment? Is there an added fee for extra cars?

6) Pet Policies
Even if you don’t have a pet, it’s better to be familiar with the rule. You know, just in case your neighbor leaves his door open and his pet lion escapes.

7) Safety
Though the location is the key factor for safety, you should consider other things. Are padlocks available? Is there a history of vandalism, theft, or other crimes? Does each room have at least two exits in case of fire?

8) Size
Decide what size of apartment and room you want. Is the bathroom too small? Is there enough room for a dining table?

9) Smoking rules
Most landlords prohibit smoking in their properties. Whether you’re a smoker or not, find out the rules. You should ask because other people in your building may be smokers, and you might deal with their smoke and cigar tails.

10) The landlord
While exploring the apartment, get a feel for whether the landlord is honest and reliable. If the place is wonderful and has low rent, but the landlord is annoying, think again.

Do you have other tips when hunting for an apartment? Please share it in the comments section.


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