Smart Tips: The Best Hairdo for Your Face Shape

Whenever you go for a haircut, make sure your hairstylist knows your face shape. Why? So your stylist will know what kind of haircut will work best for you! Great hairstyles are about shape and geometry. It is all about putting the best frame around a person’s face to bring beauty to the overall view.

Knowing Your Face Shapewind-1439979
Typical face shapes are oval, square, oblong, diamond, round, heart, and triangular. An oval face has curvilinear shape and the forehead and jaw have a similar width. Square face shape consists of broad forehead and square and bony jawline. Diamond face has a narrow forehead and jaw line, wide and high cheekbones, and pointy chin while elongated forehead and chin describe the oblong face shape. A round-shaped face has a circular shape while the heart shape’s prominent feature is the wide forehead. If your forehead and cheekbones are narrow and your jawline is wide, then yours is triangular-shaped.

Your Face Shape and the Perfect Hairstyle

1. Oval
Oval face shape looks fair and nice with any hairstyle or length. Straight or curly, long or short, with or without bangs – any style you want!

2. Square
To enhance a square face, avoid bangs, center parts, and jaw-length bobs. Go to side-swept bangs, curl or waviness, and layers to bring softness to the angles of your face.

3. Oblong
If your face shape is oblong, avoid center parts, swept-back styles, and chin-length styles without texture. The best styles for this face are curl, wave, and layers. Short and medium length styles flatter this shape, and so side parts and blunt-cut bangs.

4. Diamond
With diamond faces, center parts are a big no while shoulder-length, chin-length, and short styles can work well on this face.

5. Round
Round-shaped faces should avoid any hairstyle that is ear-length. Evade blunt-cut bangs, too, and styles that add volume or curl to the sides with no up on top. Most suitable are side-swept bangs or wispy bangs, and short hairstyles (just not ear-length!).

6. Heart
People with heart-shaped faces should avoid blunt-cut bangs and slick-backed styles. Jaw-length and chin-length bobs, curl, wave and long layers look fantastic on this face shape! Side-swept bangs, side parts, and wispy layers also highlight this feature.

7. Triangle
This shape is great with short hairstyles that have a volume at the top, crown, or temple areas. Curl and wave work well here. Say no to chin-length styles, especially if your hair is straight. For longer styles, prefer waves or curled-in layers instead of layers that flip outward.

The bottom line is, there’s no “perfect” face shape. Work with what you have, get advice from hairstylists, and become the “perfect you” you can be!


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