Ten Awesome Holiday Presents That Won’t Break Your Budget

“It’s the thought that counts” is an old story. It is an easy way to excuse lazy gift giving. But as you check out these picks, you’ll see it’s not cash but thoughtfulness that splits a great gift from a second-rate one.

1. Candy-filled vase or jar
Give them a jar or vase full of sweetmeats! Once they are finished eating it, they will have a nice vessel for flowers to put on the dining room table.

Photo credit: megmadecreations.com

2. Keychain
A lovely, light key chain is a cool way to fix up anyone’s daily routine.

Photo credit: dhgate.com

3. Shot glasses
For your friend who’s still pretty into college—and tequila.

Photo credit: girlfriendgalas.com

4. Hat, mittens, or scarves
Yuletide season is the time to dress up in cozy Christmas hat, scarves, and mittens! Keep the whole family warm and in the holiday spirit with these warming gifts that will dress up an outfit and bring the fun of the holidays to life.

Photo credit: colourbox.com

5. Kitchen tools
For that friend who needs basics, such as a can opener or a potato peeler. If you want to get fancier, you could go for a pastry cutter, a garlic press, or a potato masher.

Photo credit: littlemiss312.wordpress.com

6. Potted plant
Indoor plant life can add some needed green into the gloom of January and February. Also great for a friend who’s considering getting a pet or starting a family.

Photo credit: diymaniac.com

7. Puzzle book (Sudoku or crosswords)
Whether they are mad about Sudoku or crazy for crosswords, puzzle fanatics can almost never get enough! Load them up with head scratchers to keep them busy until the Christmas season ends.

Photo credit: mamawsplace4.blogspot.com

8. Small flashlight
It may sound basic and practical, but that’s why it’s a great gift! They’ll be so glad the next time they have to slog down to the creepy basement to get to the fuse box.

Photo credit: aliexpress.com

9. Travel pillow
Ever been stuck on a 4-hour flight with nothing but the headrest to comfort you? Then you know the pain you are sparing your friend by giving them one of these.

Photo credit: ebay.com

10. Wallet (with your photo pre-loaded!)
A wallet would be an excellent gift! Personalize it by putting a photo of you and your loved one.

Photo credit: pinterest.com

Got an idea that’s not on this list? Please share your thoughts!


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