Ten Epic Christmas Party Themes You Should Try at Work

Ready for the same boring and ho-hum office Christmas Party? Think again! Check out these splendid Christmas Party themes you and your fellow workers deserve.

1. Venetian Masquerade

Photo credits: eventa.co.uk and cdn.partyearth.com

This Christmas 2015, be mesmerized with the grandeur of 17th century Venice! Have vast feathered masks adorning the walls, luxurious decors, and a grand background of the legendary canals.

2. Alice in Wonderland

Photo credits: officechristmas.co.uk and in1.ccio.co

Follow Alice down the rabbit hole into a whimsical bliss full of colorful characters and wonderful scenery. Watch out for the Queen of Hearts and Mad Hatter at the Wonderland gates!

3. Chocolate Factory

Photo credits: officechristmas.co.uk and photos.costume-works.com

Step through the Wonka gates into a world of pure fantasy this Christmas! Surround yourselves with giant lollipops, flowers, toadstools, and candy canes. Beware of Mr. Wonka and his Oompa-Loompas!

4. Journey to Narnia

Photo credits: officechristmas.co.uk and newsblaze.com

Wander through the wardrobe into the magical land of Narnia! Be amazed as your office transformed into a snow-blanketed forest, sparkling in its mystery.

5. Winter Wonderland

Photo credits: glamour.com and pinterest.com

One of the most wonderful Christmas marvels is the entire town draped with snow. So try out the White Christmas theme for your bash. Dress in white color and decorate everything, including the Christmas tree, in white.

6. Treasure Island

Photo credits: pinterest.com and yelp.com

Ahoy mateys! This 2015, celebrate with a pirate-themed Christmas gala complete with a giant pirate ship background. Let your male officemates act as gutsy pirates ready to capture hostage. Think of the Pirates of the Caribbean!

7. Carnival

Photo credit: pinterest.com

Enter a magical and dreamlike atmosphere of the great big top circus! Be moved to a world of thriller and get ready to expect the unexpected!

8. Medieval

Photo credits: officechristmas.co.uk and upload.wikimedia.org

Set off through the antique archway, guarded by suits of armor and enter a majestically themed banquet hall fit for a King and Queen!

9. Heroes and Villains

Photo credits: lincolnshireecho.co.uk and otago.ac.nz

Walk into the scenes of a comic book themed Christmas party and join the clash between good and evil. Whether hero or evildoer, this festal event will be abundant with all the pizazz of the silver screen!

10. Hollywood Awards

Photo credits: reveriesevents.co.uk and lewismoten.com

Tinsel Town is the finest setting for your night of elegance this Christmas! This will make you and your workmates feel like the superstars! Get your most alluring outfits and parade it down the red carpet and into your lavishly adorned office.

Which theme do you think is the best? Share your opinion in the comments section below!


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