Six Spooky Costume Ideas for Corporate Halloween Parties

Planning to attend a Halloween party this last few days of October? Even with many possible scary characters to portray, perhaps you’re having a hard time finding the best costume for you.

In your 20s or older, sure you have hesitation to wear Halloween costumes believing that these only belong to kids. Frankly, this idea isn’t awkward even if either you’re a young adult or you already have your own kids.

If it’s the price that holds you back in going to a Halloween party, don’t worry. There are cheap yet very effective costumes that you could wear to scare your officemates or kids joining the trick-or-treat.

Good Suggestions

Below are some good costume ideas for budget-conscious people—for males and females:

For Men

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Bloody Headless Horseman

You just need to prepare a cape, your old black long sleeves, black pants, pair of black shoes, and a lot of creativity. When wearing the costume, turn your head into a bloodied neck. Just be sure you still get room to see and breathe through a thin black cloth.

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Medieval Friar

A brown friar robe with capelet (or any similar long brown dress), a friar wig (bald-topped), and a brown nylon rope (to serve as belt) can make you look old. You don’t need to apply makeup effects but just a serious facial expression. Seeing somebody dressed in a medieval costume really brings goosebumps.

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There are many zombie characters that you can portray. You just need to choose the one that best fits with the available resources. You can wear anything you want but it’s best if you sport a bloodied white long sleeves and wear makeup and face powder. You just need to perfect the hand gesture while walking. Act as if you have risen from the tombstone.

For Ladies

 unborn baby_joannecasey_blogspot_com
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Unborn Child

This is unique yet very scary. You can wear anything as long as you want your shirt get cut to make a hole on it, or at least get dirty. Find a way so that the doll’s limbs won’t be removed easily or else all your efforts will go to waste.

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Bat Woman

Wear black garments with hoodie. Cut damaged black umbrella and make its parts your bat wings.

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If you have any red dress, you can put black polka dots on it so you can become a ladybug. Make an improvised pair of dotted wings and a headdress with antenna. Wear black boots and gloves.

Yes, Halloween parties do not always go with pricey costumes.

Which of these spooky costumes do you want to try? What else would you like to include to this list? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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