Six Cool and Budget Friendly Halloween Décor Ideas

For many young Filipino Christians and Catholics, the last quarter of the year brings so much excitement. Who would not be thrilled with school breaks, parties, and gift-giving events during this time of the year?

Before the much-awaited Christmas Day, youngsters and young-at-heart alike are up for Halloween activities. Truly, this occasion brings out the kid in most of Filipino people.

Perhaps you’re one of those who take time to decorate your room, garden, or any portion of your home and even workstation. Admit it or not, you’re also budget conscious who just buys the cheapest items.

What if the products currently on sale aren’t the ones you want as your decorations?

Great D-I-Y Ideas

The good thing is it is still possible that you can display scary items even if you’re on a tight budget. You just need to apply your creativity.

Here are a few good yet cheap and effective Halloween decorating ideas that you can easily do on your own.

 jar lights
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Jar Lights

Get some glass jars. Paint them or place tissue paper or any colored paper (orange, green, red, or white) and put a lit candle inside them. Don’t forget to draw spooky faces on them.

 ghost lanterns
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Ghost Lanterns

Get the most out of empty gallon milk jugs. You just need to put battery-operated Christmas lights inside them to make them glow. Using a permanent marker, you can draw scary faces before hanging them in dark areas. You may also place them along the walkway.

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Miniature Graveyard

Get some cardboards and cut them in oval or rectangular shape. Paint them with gray and put “RIP” so that they will look like tombstones. You may put haystack and dry leaves to add scary feel.

 bats and ghosts
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Bats and Ghosts

Bats: Get egg cartons, cut them to make three shelves. Color them black and put eyes (made of white and black cartolina). Hang them.

Ghosts: Collect dry leaves—those with five wide “fingers.” Paint them white and draw a scary face on them. Hang them.

 dancing ghosts
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Dancing Ghosts

Get some styro balls and cover them with white cloth. Draw spooky face on them before hanging them with a cord. Place them in windy area to create an illusion that they are moving or dancing.

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Scary Door

Get black and white cartolina and cut them in different shapes so as to create hair, eyes, mouth, tooth, and scar. You may paste them on a door and form a scary face out of these cutouts.

Get inspiration from these decors so that you can recreate your own version of scary stuff.

Happy Halloween!


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