10 of the World’s Most Creative and Coolest Office Spaces

Are you tired of the usual office setup? Check out and be inspired with this list of the most creative and coolest offices all around the world.

1. Zynga
This social game services provider Based in San Francisco, California, believes that petting dogs and relaxing arcade lounges should be part of every staff member’s day.

Photo Credit: perabusinesspark.co.uk

2. Mind Candy
This online gaming company and social network for children based in London, England, will let you feel that you’re on the set of “Alice in Wonderland”.

Mind Candy
Photo Credit: perabusinesspark.co.uk

3. Nicolas Tye Architects
This architecture firm based in Bedfordshire, England, was named the Long Barn Studio because their office space is in the middle of a field, literally.

Nicolas Tye Architects
Photo Credit: perabusinesspark.co.uk

4. Corus Entertainment
This media and entertainment conglomerate based in Toronto, Canada knows how to entertain their employees, through a three-story slide.

Corus Entertainment
Photo Credit: perabusinesspark.co.uk

5. Coupa
This cloud-based spend management software company based in San Mateo, California, was built in a bank vault with massive reinforced door, a keg, and a shuffleboard table.

Photo Credit: perabusinesspark.co.uk

6. Selgas Cano Architecture
This half under and half above the ground studio lies in the middle of the woods in Madrid, Spain, and allows their employees to enjoy a panoramic view around the clock.

Selgas Cano Architecture
Photo Credit: Iwan Baan

7. Fox Head
This motocross apparel company based in Irvine, California, is an 82,000 square foot warehouse-shaped like a futuristic bike helmet. There are also dirt bike tracks, mock storefronts, and open office plans to give the workers plenty of options to escape the cubicle life.

Photo Credit: www.dezeen.com
Fox Head

8. Heldergroen
This design studio based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, strongly promotes work-life balance through disappearing tables. After 6 pm, the steel cables lift the wooden tables into the ceiling so the employees can go home or take part in activities like yoga, dance classes, or events.

Photo Credit: CornbreadWorks

9. Comvert
This alternative clothing company based in Milan, Italy, has converted an old abandoned cinema into a plush office space. Its top feature is the skate bowl above the warehouse that adhere to their extreme sports brand image.

Photo Credit: perabusinesspark.co.uk

10. Inventionland
This design facility based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, houses 16 themed sets including a tree house, mockup pirate ship, and a giant robot. Its aim is to provide a creative work environment for its employees.

Photo Credit: perabusinesspark.co.uk

Do you know more creative and cool offices? Share your thoughts and pictures on the comment section below.


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