The Top 5 In-Demand Jobs in the Philippines by 2020

Among countries in Southeast Asia, our country is one of the lowest in employment rates due to job mismatch. So to guide our future professionals on what career to take in college, here are the jobs that are still in-demand by 2020.

  1. Aircraft Pilot/Navigator/Flight Engineer
    Air travel is expected to increase in the next decades so the airline companies are taking advantage of this surge. Part of the plan is to acquire more planes so the need for staffs also grows. It will take at least 4 years to earn a degree so it is best to take an aviation course now.
  1. Computer Systems Analyst
    It can’t be denied that businesses rely more on computers for a more efficient and systematic delivery of products and services. Because of this, the need for IT pros like the makers and designers of computer systems also increases. To become a systems analyst, you need to be good in logic and math and earn a degree in computer science.
  1. Computer Programmer
    Unlike computer systems analysts that work on both hardware and software, programmers only focus on the latter. They create games, programs, and apps that are in-demand for this generation. To be a certified code expert, you need to earn a degree in I.T.
  2. Civil Engineer
    When it comes to the basic needs of human-like shelter, there is no shortage of job vacancies. Builders like civil engineers are hired in large-scale construction, business, or infrastructure development. To be a licensed builder, you need to take a 5-year course and pass the board exam.
  1. Accountant
    As long as the money is used in our daily activities, the need for accountants will always be there. To be certified, you need a degree in accountancy and pass the board exam. But even if you don’t have a license, you can still work as a bookkeeper.

Aside from these professions, posts for Business Process Outsourcing companies and skilled workers will still be in-demand by the year 2020.

Do you have more insights about this issue? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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