Eight Effective Ways to Fight Procrastination at Work

procrastination at work
Photo credit: purpology.com

It’s not every day that people are always in the mood to do great things. There are just times that people feel like they don’t want to work or just get tired of doing things over and over again. These feelings often lead to procrastination.

Both neophytes and experienced workers have a tendency to procrastinate at times. This is because of many factors that trigger distraction and lack of focus.

If procrastination affects your productivity very badly, then do something to correct your habit. Do not allow less important things hamper your achievement of career growth.

What You Should Do

What specific things should you do to improve your focus toward your work? Heed the following tips:

  1. Set your daily goals – Make sure that you have already prepared a to-do list right before you start your day in the workplace. If possible, you may put a checklist of your tasks for the day on your table. This way, you’ll be forced to accomplish all of your daily assignments. You may also use a planner so you won’t miss a single activity or any of your target.
  2. Come and leave on time – Always anticipate the problems that may affect your attendance. As much as possible, come early so you can still have enough time for some other things. This helps you focus more on your core tasks.
  3. Practice proper prioritization – Know the deadlines of your projects so you can deliver the output on time. Also, have a good estimation of project completion. With good prioritization as your technique, you’ll be able to manage your time wisely and simplify your working pattern.
  4. Know and fear the consequences of procrastination – Knowing the outcome of doing less significant things is but a helpful way to help you concentrate on your duties. Always remind yourself to fulfill your duties well so that you can reap positive results.
  5. Identify your distractions and stay away from them – Know which things and activities waste your time so much. If they’re digital (social media or other web sites), then exert an effort to have them inaccessible on your end.
  6. Get ready with your stuff – Even before you sit on your workstation, be sure that you have with you (placed near you) your glass of water or coffee, notebook, pen, tissue paper, and other things that you may need while working. This helps save time and minimizes distraction from other things.
  7. Start with the “worst” task – Of your many activities, you may begin with the most difficult one. This will challenge yourself to work fast so that you can work on some other things.
  8. Choose the right environment – Work setting plays a vital role in your productivity. Consider who you’ll be working with, as well as the presence (or more likely absence) of other objects, such as TV and radio.

How about you? What do you do to combat the useless act of procrastination at work? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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