Historic Corregidor Island: An Enchanting Go-to Destination

Photo credit: maniladestination.com

Japanese occupation of the Philippines left a scar that both history and time could not erase. It may be the last time a foreign power invaded the Pearl of the Orient Seas but that made Filipino warriors’ courageousness and patriotism grow much stronger.

Despite its tininess, the island of Corregidor played a vital role during the invasion and attack of Japanese forces. In fact, its situation at the mouth of the Manila Bay helped it protect the city as it became an armory of weapons. It even became a site of a battle and its defeat marked the fall of not just the Philippines but the entire Asia.

Unlike other local places devastated by the second world war, Corregidor had easily picked up the pieces. It had moved forward while preserving the memories of the past. Today, this tadpole-shaped island is considered as a top tourist spot in the country.

Why should you visit Corregidor? What makes it an ideal place for a relaxing getaway?

Going to Corregidor is more than just a wonderful sightseeing experience. It’s more of retracing the footsteps of our little-known heroes. It’s about looking back at a forgotten page of history—a page that narrates the bravery, sacrifice, and heroism of the island’s defenders.

The island is just a little over one hour of travel from the seaside boulevard in Pasay City. A ferry usually carries travelers. Aboard the ferry, travelers’ journey begins with the views of the Manila Bay and the city’s skyline.

Many exciting things await in the island, which was previously named Fort Mills and even got the monikers The Rock, and the Gibraltar of the East. Specifically, tourists are up for the following perks:

  • Expert local guide – As soon as the ferry reaches the island, a local guide will tour the visitors while telling stories about the place. These stories highlight the role of the island during the Japanese invasion.
  • Tranvia (also tramvia) ride – This kind of transportation is just ideal for a tour. Since tranvias have open sides, tourists can just look around and take photos while the vehicle is in motion.
  • Historical places and pieces – The island is home to different historic relics, ruins, and structures. There can be found the barrack ruins, large cannons, the Japanese Memorial Garden, Battery Way, hospital laterals, and pieces of statues.
  • Malinta tunnel – This is yet the best place that is greatly associated with the island. Not only this tunnel helped protect warriors against air attack but it also served as the seat of Philippine Commonwealth Government under the leadership of Pres. Manuel L. Quezon.
  • Lighthouse (on Topside) – It is one of the oldest landmarks built that still exist in the island of Corregidor.

Many other things can prove why Corregidor is such a good tourist destination for Filipinos.


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