Top 7 Places to Spend Family Weekend Getaways near the Metro

Are you planning for a family getaway but only got a weekend to spend? Check out these top 7 sweet escapes near Metro Manila where you can bond and relax with your loved ones.

  1. Tagaytay
    If you want to escape from the hot weather in Manila, Tagaytay is the nearest and the most budget-friendly alternative to Baguio. In less than two hours, you can feel the cold weather, eat good food, and enjoy leisure activities with your family or friends.
  1. Zambales
    For adventure-seekers and nature lovers, you can go hiking at Anawangin Cove or swim your hearts out at the white beach of Capones Island. There’s no electricity in Anawangin so be ready if you want to spend a night here.
  1. Laguna
    Please your eyes with lush greenery and artistic architecture. You can also enjoy various activities like biking, wakeboarding, shopping, and bird watching all in one place, Nuvali. It’s just an hour away from Manila via SLEX.
  1. Corregidor
    Learn history while travelling with your family. Corregidor is just a ferry away from Manila. Aside from the historical tour, you can also enjoy hiking, kayaking, bird watching, zip line, night lateral visit of the tunnels, and ghost hunting.
  1. Bulacan
    Challenge yourself for a weekend of eco-adventure at Biak na Bato National Park. Famous attractions include the Aguinaldo Cave, Bahay Paniki Cave, Madlum Cave and River, Tanggapan Cave, Tilandong Falls, and many more.
  1. Batangas
    If you want a peaceful escape, try Burot Beach along the shores of Calatagan, Batangas. First timers can indulge in its pristine waters, semi-fine sand, and stunning rock formations.
  1. Nueva Ecija
    Visit Minalungao National Park and be amazed at the towering limestone formations along Penaranda River. Fun activities include fishing, swimming, camping, spelunking, cliff diving.

Do you know other weekend getaways near Metro Manila? You can share your fun adventures at the comments section below.


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