Ways to Achieve and Maintain a Work-Life Balance

Work life balance
Photo credit: theguardian.com

Proper prioritization between personal and professional lives is but a challenge for many workers, much greater for those having their own family. While some may just think that this is an elusive goal that is rarely achieved, some consider it an impossible thing to happen. What’s bad about the challenge of the so-called “work-life balance” is that workers should not give up either of them.

Sure you are working to live and not the other way around—living to work. If you’re having a hard time achieving equal time for your career and loved ones (or just yourself), heed the following tips:

  1. Know your personal circumstance. Try to answer these questions. Are you a “morning person?” Are you flexible enough to work in various working conditions and schedules? Your answers to these questions will determine your flexibility, focus, commitment, and productivity.
  2. Start your day right. Upon getting up from bed, do the things that put you into a good mood. Drink what you prefer: coffee, tea, juice, or just plain water. Talk with someone. Sing while taking a bath. Smile a lot. All these things will help inspire you throughout the day.
  3. Say your mantra. Set your goal for the day or at least the things that you want to do and fulfill before the end of the day.
  4. Manage your time wisely. Don’t waste a single minute doing nothing. As your clock alarms, open your eyes and do not go back to sleep for some more minutes. Prepare a checklist or a to-do list so that you will be guided on what to do first and what to do next. Always bring with you a handy calendar or a planner.
  5. Come on time and go home on time. At the start of the day, think of what your day will be like. Anticipate some problems that may affect your schedule and do some adjustments to avoid them.
  6. Befriend your officemates. Simple smile and courteous greeting will surely help you draw a friendly atmosphere inside your workplace.
  7. Enjoy your work. Learn to love your profession. Develop the skills that you want to possess and learn to acquire much more to make you a versatile worker.

Here are some other tips for you to maximize your time leading you to achievement of work-life balance:

  1. Do not procrastinate.
  2. Follow set rules and policies.
  3. Communicate with appropriate people: bosses and loved ones.
  4. Get the most out of social media.
  5. Learn to say “no” and state your reason(s).
  6. Stay away from someone or something that can ruin your relationship with other people.
  7. Seek help from others.
  8. Appreciate good things around you.
  9. Socialize more.
  10. De-stress during day-off.

Follow these tips and do them repeatedly for you to maintain a good lifestyle that does not ask for additional hours to accomplish daily tasks. Truly, work-life balance leads to the achievement of happiness.


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