Filweb Asia, Inc. Celebrates Its 15th Year

Saturday, August 8, 2015, marks the 15th anniversary of Filweb Asia, Inc. (FAI), one of the most successful BPO-KPO firms in the country. It held the event at the Villa Leonila Resort in Biñan, Laguna.

Food, drinks, music, and laughter overflowed as the firm observed this great milestone. FAI employee Clerence Bergantiños served as host of the night. Throughout the event, the Milkshake band charmed the crowd with their own version of pop hits. Filwebers jammed with the band making the night more vibrant. A short Zumba dance and an impromptu “Twerk-it-like-Miley” contest followed on right after dinner.

To show gratitude to what has been their home for many years, FAI staff paid tribute through a video that tells their unforgettable experiences and the reasons they remain loyal. Its most valued clients joined the party by sending their own video greetings.

The company announced as well the latest addition to its list of clients, a software firm. Just before the night ended, though, the bosses gave a surprise tenure-based cash gift to each FAI staff.


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