Top 10 Indoor Activities to Do in Manila This Rainy Season

Enjoy the rainy season without getting wet! Kill the boredom and try these ten indoor activities. Explore Manila and have fun with your family and friends even when it’s raining.

  1. Indoor Wall Climbing
    Do you want to stretch your muscles without getting wet? If you’re just around the metro, try indoor wall climbing at Power-up. They have branches in Centro Atletico Cubao, Old Balara, and R.O.X.
  1. Museum Hopping
    Museum hopping lets you learn more about our country while having fun with your friends and family. You can add National museum, Manila Ocean Park, and Children’s museum to your “to visit list.”
  1. Mystery Solving
    Unleash the detective in you! Tag your friends along and try solving a mystery within an hour to escape the first live escape room game in the Philippines. They have branches in Libis and Makati.
  1. Prison Escaping
    Pump up your adrenaline and try escaping a zombie-infested home or a prison room in the midst of a riot within 45 minutes! You can find Breakout Philippines in Paragon Plaza, Mandaluyong City.
  1. Board Game Playing
    With over 300 games, you and your friends can enjoy playing while eating or sipping hot coffee at Ludo Boardgame Bar and Café in Burgos Circle, BGC.
  1. Indoor Skateboarding
    Feel the rush and enjoy skateboarding even when it’s raining. Verve, an indoor skate park in Malate, Manila can make it all possible.
  1. Kangaroo Jumping
    Have a whole body workout by jumping, bouncing, and dancing around with Kangaroo shoes from FTX. Visit them in Salcedo Village, Makati and sign up for a class.
  1. Silent Movie Watching
    Experience the magic of the silent film era accompanied by live musical performances brought to you by the International Silent Film Festival Manila. They offer free admission on first come first served basis opening this August 27-30 in Shang Cineplex, Mandaluyong City.
  1. Salsa Dancing
    If you’re tired of the usual clubbing, try salsa dancing every Saturday evening at Chihuahua Mexican Grill along Makati Ave. The Salsa Project also offers free lessons if you don’t know the basics.
  1. Duckpin Bowling
    Have a bowling match with a twist with your friends and family. You can visit UPAA Recreation Hall at U.P. Diliman. It’s where they offer a not so usual bowling game with smaller pins and balls.

Do you know other fun indoor activities? You can post them in the comments section below.


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